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There are many types of gates. They fall into 3 main categories

  •      Sliding gates - they move from side to side
  •      Swinging gates- they move in and out
  •      Rolling gates - they move up and down

There are 2 main types of users

  1.      Vehicles
  2.      Pedestrians

There are codes, laws and rules that govern these gates and users. These codes and laws are mostly concerned with the safety of people especially where the gate is motorized. The rules are mostly concerned with functionality and design.

We at RPM endeavour in all circumstances to comply with all the constraints covering the installation of gates and gate systems both from a legal standpoint and the use of basic common sense and good practise.

As a member of the International Door Association, the governing body of our industry we comply with that organizations code of conduct.

We comply with  the City of Chicago ordinances for pedestrian gates and the ASTM safety guide for vehicle gates and as members of the BBB we continue to strive to improve our performance and service warranties.

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