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Automated Vehicle Gates

We can repair and maintain any brand of gate operator and gate system, where parts are available and the equipment meets the current safety standards.

The 2 most common types of gates are SWING or SLIDE. Swing gates are hinged at the posts and usually arc through 90 degrees, from open to close. Slide gates pass from left to right or vice versa across the gate opening. Which type is chosen is usually determined by the space available and the shape of the open areas

Swing gates are more visually appealing and can be very decorative. Slide gates are more often designed and built for functionality.

We can design, build and install any type of iron or wood gate

The need and desire for the convenience and added security of gate systems has risen dramatically in recent years.

A standard city lot may be able to house 3 vehicles in a garage, but a concrete pad with a gate can often accommodate 6 or more vehicles and gates have become a common site in our city alleys.

Gate Operators

Motorized gates with radio controls systems are now commonplace

As the garage door opener became an essential part of the family life in the 1950's, gate operators have become the essential part of City life in the new millennium.

Opening a gate manually, especially in the winter, is a thing of the past. Personal security needs are more relevant and automation provides the solution for these needs. The gate operator has become an essential component in this process and there are many different brands.

 LiftMaster, Linear, AGS, Elite, GTO, PowerMaster, DoorKing, FAAC and Eagle are among the most common. Older operators such as Edko and Tri-Cor are now obsolete yet many are still operating on a daily basis and with careful and regular maintenance may continue to operate many more years.

We can offer a comprehensive repair service or preventative maintenance program for every make and type of gate and operator. We can tailor a program to suit your needs and budget, our estimates are always free.

Automatic gates should only be used for vehicular access. Pedestrians should be directed to a pedestrian gate away from the vehicle access gate.

Gate Operators and Safety

Safety Guidelines for automated vehicle gates

Because gate operators produce high levels of force, designers, installers and consumers have an obligation to know the associated potential hazards. It is important to remember that the operator is one part of a complete system and all components must be installed and properly maintained for successful and reliable operation. Gates are expected to work every day without fail in all weathers and under all conditions. We ask all potential customers to familiarize themselves with the current guidelines for gates and operators.

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